Rules Committee Releases Proposed 2010 Rules for Racer Comments

The Proposed 2010 BMW CCA Club Racing Rules are on the Club Web site, available to racers to read and comment upon. 

“The Rules Committee has been working steadily to consider all the submitted rule change requests,” said Interim Chairman Scott Blazey. “We have also proposed a few procedural changes resulting from some things that happened during the 2009 season. In addition to racer change requests, we continue to examine the rules to see where we can make them more clear and less susceptible to differing interpretations.” 
Racers are invited to submit comments on any of the changes that are highlighted in yellow in the Proposed 2010 Rules. In addition, racers may also comment on those rule change requests that were submitted but not approved by the Rules Committee for incorporation into the 2010 Rules.  All of the rule change requests are summarized in a separate document also available on the Web site.
Comments should be sent to the Rules Committee at the following address: 
The 2010 Rules will not be final until the Rules Committee considers all the comments. It is still possible that some of the proposed changes will be withdrawn, and the Committee may still accept some of the change requests that they initially declined. It all depends on the comments from the racers and how persuasive they are.
Racers will have 10 days to submit comments on the proposed changes and the changes that were not approved. This means that all comments must be received by November 28, 2009. Comments must be submitted by e-mail to the Rules Committee e-mail address. Comments must include the racer’s name and should reference the Rule Book section and paragraph of the proposed change, or the specific rule change not approved from the Summary of Rule Change requests document. 
Racers are advised that Internet forums and e-mail lists are not official BMW CCA channels of communications, and that comments made on such forums and lists will not be considered by the Rules Committee. 
The Rules Committee has four members. These are Scott Blazey, Interim Chairman; Dean Croucher, National Competition Steward; Bruce Smith, National Technical Steward; and Mike Akard, Racers Advisory Committee Representative. For this rules cycle, the Committee changed its internal procedures somewhat. The Club Racing Chairman presides over the Committee meetings and in the past has voted on rule changes. This year, Interim Chairman Blazey ran the meetings, but announced up front that he would not be voting on any rule changes unless there was an otherwise unbreakable tie due to an abstention, conflict of interest, or other situation preventing one of the other three members from voting. This procedural change has also been proposed for the 2010 rules.
Blazey summed up the release by saying, “We look forward to your input. There’s no doubt that dozens or even hundreds of racers examining the changes can identify issues the Committee may not have considered. This is my first trip through the rules change process, so I’m very interested to hear what the racers have to say, and I know the other Committee members do, too. So please, send us your comments.”

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