Proposed 2010 Rules Almost Ready for Racer Comments

The proposed 2010 Rules have been drafted. The Rules Committee will meet by conference call within the next few days to review the changes, then the proposed 2010 Rule Book will be posted on the Club Racing Web site. Racers will be given a period of time to comment to the Rules Committee on the proposed changes. The Committee will take all comments into consideration before issuing the final 2010 Rules. 
In years past, racers were only shown and allowed to comment on those rule change requests that were provisionally approved for the next year. This year, racers will be able to to see a summary of all the rule changes requested, along with the Committee’s rationale for accepting or declining them. Racers will able to comment not only on those rule change requests adopted in the proposed 2010 rules, but also those change requests that were provisionally declined. Nothing will be finalized until the racers are heard on all the change requests.
Normally, the Rules Committee has 45 days to draft the proposed rules. This year, because of turnover in Club Racing management, the Rules Committee got a very late start, with the revision process really beginning only with the appointment of the new Interim Chairman 30 days ago. By shaving a week or more off the normal drafting period and by abbreviating the comment period, the Rules Committee intends to get the final 2010 Rules published as soon as possible.
Racers will be notified on the Web Site and by e-mail when the draft 2010 Rules are posted on the Web site for comment. 

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