Final 2007 Rules Published

As required by our rules change calendar, the final version of the 2007 BMW CCA Club Racing rules have been posted to out website today, October 1st. Please click on the following link to access the rules document (in PDF form):

[link removed – updated Rules as of 10/29/2006 are located here

The most significant change for 2007 is the addition of the Spec E36 class, which we hope will attract many new racers to our program.

The Spec E36 class is designed to specify a set of E36 chassis, 6-cylinder racecars which are prepared to a uniform level. The modifications required or allowed are intended to produce a fun, fast racecar that feels like a racecar, yet remains relatively inexpensive to prepare and maintain. The Spec E36 cars will use a specific “trunk kit” of suspension components and a spec tire, both of which will be announced in the next few days.

Beyond Spec E36, the rules for engine swaps, “Euro” engines and OBD conversion in the Prepared classes were completely reworded, and should now be much easier to understand.

Most of the other changes are clarifications or corrections to the 2006 rules. The 2006 Rules Clarifications were evaluated and incorporated into the 2007 rules as appropriate.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the racers and CRAC members for their valuable contributions, and to the Rules Committee members (Xavier McClure, Mike Mills and Jack Money) for all the many hours they spent on this important process.

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