Initial Spec E36 Components list published

The Spec E36™ class is designed to specify a set of E36 chassis, 6-cylinder racecars which are prepared to a uniform level. The modifications required or allowed are intended to produce a fun, fast racecar that feels like a racecar, yet remains relatively inexpensive to prepare and maintain.

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The H&R Suspension has an E36 RSS Club Sport Coil Over which is the “E36 Nurburgring Kit” in europe. This is a non-adjustable damper suspension, matched to 630 lbs front springs, and 700 rear spring. Front shock/strut has adjustable height collars, lowest setting offers 1.25″ drop, with 40mm of shock travel still available. The rear has adjustable rear spring perches. Lowest setting in the rear has 30mm of shock travel still available. The front struts use the OE strut bearings (except for the early 92 cars that had the older E30 style). Retail price is set at $1,521. Racer will receive a $500 rebate after passing thru their first tech inspection & race.

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