Tech & Safety Information

Qualified Inspection Shops Map

Below is a map of shops qualified to perform the mandatory annual technical and safety inspection of your race vehicle.

Racers can directly contact these shops and schedule an appointment to have the annual inspections done. The cost of the inspection will be determined between the racer and the shop.

The annual inspections are focused on safety. The Tech Stewards will be performing spot checks for compliance at the events. Racers will present the completed annual technical and safety inspection form, the event tech form, logbook and helmet/Hans to the Tech Steward at your first event of the year. Your vehicle and helmet will be verified and stickered for that racing season.

If there are potential candidate shops not listed below, please send the Shop name, address, and contact information to Bruce Smith our National Tech Steward for consideration.

If you would like to see a list of our Qualified Inspection shops by name then go to this page.

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