Club Racing Driver Awards

VAC Rookie of the Year Award

The VAC Rookie of the Year Award is presented to the first year Club Racer earning the most points racing in a BMW class using the North American Champions point system.

The ROY winner must be a graduate of the BMW CCA Club Racing School, must keep his/her license in good standing, and must not have participated in more than 2 race weekends in the previous year.

Points totals used in the calculations include only the driver’s first four successful events as a Rookie. After a fifth successful event, drivers move to a Competition license.

The Glenn Lucas Memorial Award

The Glenn Lucas Memorial Award is presented to the Club Racer that best promotes and represents the philosophy and spirit of Club Racing, on and off the track.

The philosophy of CR is to have a “competitive driving experience conducted in a fun, safe and friendly environment”.

The spirit of CR is founded on the belief that the “fun of friendly competition is more important than the results and that mutual assistance among racers when possible enhances the experience for all”.

The Glenn Lucas Award winner is chosen by the National Club Racing Officers (National Chairman, National Comp Steward, National Tech Steward, National T&S Steward).


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