Glenn Lucas

The Glenn Lucas Memorial Award is presented to the Club Racer that best promotes and represents the philosophy and spirit of BMW CCA Club Racing, on and off the track. The philosophy of Club Racing is to have a “competitive driving experience conducted in a fun, safe and friendly environment“. The spirit of Club Racing is founded on the belief that the “fun of friendly competition is more important than the results and that mutual assistance among racers when possible enhances the experience for all“.

Glenn Lucas joined the BMW CCA in June of 1992. He was a member of the Buckeye Chapter.  He got his BMW Club Racing license in 2004 and raced a modified e30M3 throughout the Midwest. He died in the early morning of August 29, 2009 after a short 6 week battle with cancer, four days after his 56th birthday. He is remembered as a man who went after his dreams and lived a life fulfilled. He was always a gentleman. Glenn was loved not only by his family, but by his hometown of Hillsboro, Ohio where he was a dentist. His employees, his church, racing competitors, and pretty much anyone who knew him loved him.

Glenn brought a level of sportsmanship, honor, fun, and just plain level headed niceness to a sport often fueled by excesses of testosterone. He always had a smile and was quick with a laugh.

Glenn also served his country for twenty years, retiring from the United States Air Force Reserves as a Lt. Colonel in 2003. His most rewarding times spent in the military were the numerous voluntary humanitarian missions on which he served throughout the world. He always opted to serve others; at his rank he could have spent his service time in comfort in Europe, Hawaii or wherever else he chose but instead he decided to serve those less fortunate. He also served in numerous positions over many years in the church he grew up in, his favorite role singing tenor in the choir.

Racers from all over the Midwest and Canada were profoundly moved by his sudden illness, even more so by his untimely death. He finished life’s race far too quickly; he is missed by many.

Glenn was the consummate giver, a great sportsman, and always willing to help however and whomever he could. The Glenn Lucas Memorial Award has been set up to keep his memory alive, as he is the purest example of the philosophy and spirit of BMW CCA Club Racing.


Bill Wade

with Len Mueller

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