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Race Results: 2022

June 2022
10-12BMW Circuit of the Americas
Circuit of the Americas
9201 Circuit of the Americas B Venue WebsiteRace ResultsDick Cadieux, tech
Roland Nieves, timing
10-12BMW Roebling Road (June)
Roebling Road Raceway
1135 Roebling Road Venue WebsiteRace ResultsJeff Caldwell, comp
Dave Weaver, tech
Larry Fletcher, timing
06-07BMW Thunderbolt Raceway
Thunderbolt Raceway
8000 Dividing Creek Road Venue WebsiteRace ResultsBruce Heersink & Jeff Caldwell, comp
Steve Capello, Dave Fitting & Warren Brown, tech
Larry Fletcher, timing
April 2022
01-03BMW Virginia Intl Raceway
Virginia Intl Raceway
 Venue WebsiteRace ResultsBarry Kaplan & Ross Karlin, comp
Smith, Massagee, Newcomer, Weaver & Bradford
Larry Fletcher, timing
March 2022
04-07BMW Road Atlanta (Mar)
Road Atlanta
5300 Winder Highway Venue WebsiteRace ResultsBarry Kaplan, comp
Dave Weaver & Mike Hinkley, tech
Larry Fletcher, timing

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