Organizational Changes Announced

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about an organization change within the BMW CCA Club Racing organization.

After 11 years Fran Hughes has asked us to reduce her roll within Club Racing administration to allow more time for herself and family. Fran initially made this announcement at the start of the 2006 season at our staff meeting, but agreed to stay in her full role through this year to help me keep the organization moving through all our changes. It’s now time to give Fran the time she asked for a year ago!

Fran will still handle the processing of new licenses, but effective immediately all license applications (new and renewal) will be sent to the National Office of the BMW CCA. Fran will serve in an advisory capacity, continuing to determine which license applications we should accept and which we shouldn’t. Fran has been doing an excellent job of this for 11 years, and I am thankful that she will continue in this most important role.

The BMW CCA National Office will also handle decals, contingency awards and many other administrative functions. The full National Office staff will be helping us as needed, but staffer Tricia Williams will be our primary contact. If you would have called Fran about something, please call Tricia at the National Office. The number is 864 250-0022.

We will also be augmenting the licensing process on the BMW CCA Club Racing website to be even smoother and more automatic. Jim Dresser has been contracted to provide website programming and maintenance. Mike Gilbert will continue to be the content webmaster.

As you know, Fran has been an integral part of BMW Club Racing since she helped found the program with Scott. We have all been fortunate to have Fran help us, and I am personally grateful that she will continue to be the keystone of our licensing program. I am constantly amazed at all the tasks that Fran gets done; the list of her normal jobs takes more than three single-spaced pages to enumerate! It’s wonderful that we can utilize the CCA’s National Office staff (and Tricia, especially) to give Fran more free time. Scott will continue to organize our Club Racing Schools program (and serve as my most valuable advisor).

Please join me in thanking Fran for her many years of selfless service to BMW CCA Club Racing.

-Dave McIntyre Chairman, The Tire Rack BMW CCA Club Racing Series

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