Message from the Interim Chairman

I am honored to have been
asked by the National Board to help with BMW CCA Club Racing until they
conclude their search for the next Chairperson. I am pleased to be able to
contribute to this program, for if it weren’t for Club Racing and all the
volunteers on the CR staff and in the chapters who make this program happen, I
never would have realized my long-time goal of driving my own race car. (My new
goal is to drive it faster and better, but we’ll have to wait and see how that
one works out.) 
I’d like to thank National Competition Steward Dean Croucher for his work as Acting Chairman these past months in addition to his Comp Steward role, and look forward to working with him to move the program forward. Likewise, I thank Scott Hughes for agreeing to manage sponsorship in the interim. 

As were most of us, I was
saddened earlier this summer to learn of Mike Mills’ departure from the
Chairman’s spot. He did a great job, and I know
I’m not alone in hoping that in
the future, Mike can again play a big role in the program.

For the Club Racing staff,
late summer and early fall is a very busy time of the season. This year was no
different, but with the turnover in management, and some staff members having
to do double duty in addition to their day jobs and other activities, we have
fallen behind. The 2010 rules should have been published by now, but they
haven’t been. My first priority is to work through the rules process as quickly
and correctly as possible so that our racers can finalize their plans for the
2010 season. I don’t anticipate any significant direction changes for the
program, but there have been some intriguing car classification issues raised
that we will address.

The Rules Committee met
yesterday (Monday) and went through most of the rule change requests. However,
some of the more involved proposals still need to be addressed, which we will
do in the next few days. We hope to have a draft of the 2010 rules very soon
for racers to review and comment on. By necessity, the comment period will be
abbreviated, but we will consider all input before issuing the final 2010
rules. In addition to asking for racers’ comments on those changes
provisionally approved by the Rules Committee, we also will seek comments on
those changes the Committee has provisionally declined. Nothing will be
finalized until we’ve heard from you.

I’m sorry for the delay so
far, but we will do our best to get the 2010 rules done, and we appreciate your

The nomination period for
the Racers Advisory Committee for certain regions is upon us. The official call
for nominations for racers to run for the North Atlantic, North Central,
Pacific, and Canadian regions went out today, with nominations due back to
the BMW CCA National Office by October 26.

Finally, a word about our
sponsors. I want to thank our
sponsors for helping to make it possible to do what we love—race BMWs. Thanks
to our title sponsor, The Tire Rack, and to BimmerWorld, Evosport, HMS
Motorsport, UUC Motorwerks, VAC Motorsports, and Grassroots Motorsports
magazine. Buy their stuff!

We have a lot to do in the
very near future. Updating points and getting started on the 2010 schedule, to
name a couple. So we’ll be busy, but we’ll try to keep you informed on what’s
going on.

I hope to see many of you
at Mid-Ohio in a few days.

Good luck, good racing,
and remember, it’s supposed to be fun!

Scott Blazey 
Interim Chairman, BMW CCA Club Racing

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