BMW CCA Selects Gary Davis as the New Club Racing Chairman

The BMW Car Club of America, Inc. (BMW CCA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Gary L. Davis as Chairman of BMW CCA Club Racing. Gary’s term will be effective January 1, 2010, when he takes over from Interim Chairman Scott Blazey.
Gary has been a member of BMW CCA since 1985, and is the currently elected North Central Region Racers Advisory Committee representative.
Like many, Gary started his high-speed driving addiction in high-performance driving schools. Starting in 1989, Gary participated in 12 driving schools in his first year.  In 1992 he connected with TC Kline and Ray Korman and became the owner/driver of a two-car team in the IMSA Firehawk series.  His first co-driver was Andy Pilgrim.  (It was after a DNF for mechanical reasons in a 24-hour race co-driving with Gary that Andy started his world record run of 116 consecutive races without a DNF!)  In 1992, in a race at Sebring, Gary raced the first E36 to race in the United States.  He raced in the IMSA Firehawk series from 1992 to 1997.  From 1994 to 2003 he also raced in SCCA Pro Racing.  In 2004, after tiring of buying fenders and other body parts in bulk quantities, he moved to BMW CCA Club Racing where he continues to race.
Gary is an Emergency Medicine physician and is Medical Director of the largest independent clinic in the Detroit, Michigan area.

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