BMW CCA Club Racing Series 2010 Rules have been finalized

The Tire Rack BMW CCA Club Racing Series 2010 Rules have been finalized and are posted on the BMW CCA Club Racing Web site. They become effective on January 1, 2010. They may be viewed or downloaded from the General Information – For the Racer section.

Serving on the Rules Committee were National Competition Steward Dean Croucher, National Technical Steward Bruce Smith, Racers Advisory Committee Representative Mike Akard, and Interim Chairman Scott Blazey. The Racers Advisory Committee considered the proposed rule changes and provided their preferences and recommendations through their representative. Also providing advice to the Committee was National Safety Steward Joe Marko.

The Rules Committee considered the change requests submitted by racers, then drafted the proposed 2010 Rules. These were made available for comment by the racers. The Committee then considered every comment it received before finalizing the rules, which are being made available today. Some of the new changes were modified as a result of racer comments, while others were not. Some of the comments made by racers did not directly address the new rule changes for the 2010 rule cycle, but rather, were completely new rule change requests. In those cases, racers still desiring these changes should resubmit them when the 2011 rule change request period begins in June 2010.

All racers and crew members participating in the 2010 Tire Rack BMW CCA Club Racing Series are urged to read the 2010 rules. Substantive changes from the 2009 rules have been highlighted in yellow for easy reference. Changes made for clarity or to correct spelling and grammar have not changed the meaning of any rules and are therefore not highlighted. If any substantive changes are not highlighted, it is an inadvertent omission and does not invalidate any rules. Participants are responsible for being aware of and complying with all applicable rules.

Racers are welcome to point out to the Rules Committee any portions of the rules that they think are errors in wording or spelling. Racers who may be uncertain of the meaning of a rule are welcome to submit clarification requests to the Rules Committee at any time through the BMW CCA Club Racing Web site at

BMW CCA Club Racing thanks all the racers who submitted rule change requests or comments. The rules are better because of your contributions.

We wish all members of the BMW CCA Club Racing community good, safe, and fun racing in the 2010 season and beyond.

BMW CCA Rules Committee

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