Race School Required for 2008 Rookie Licensing

Over the last several years it has become clear that while our original concept of bringing drivers into the program after developing skills though the BMW CCA Drivers School program was correct, technology and an experienced group of racers have eclipsed that original requirement. 

When the BMW CCA Club Racing program began in 1995 most of the entries were 2002s; as the years have gone by, the technology has improved dramatically but we have not changed our requirements to keep up with this rapid increase in performance, both potential and exhibited. 

Our experienced drivers have created race cars that attain performance levels that exceed what one experiences in a driving school. The speed differentials in our races combined with the skills needed for off-line racing subject a new driver to an overload of input. The BMW CCA Driving School program is excellent, but it is not a racing program and as such does not fully prepare graduates for the rigors of competitive wheel-to-wheel racing.  

To improve the experience and better prepare drivers for entry into BMW CCA Club Racing, we will require that new drivers successfully complete a Club Racing School or approved equivalent prior to initial licensing beginning in 2008. Safety is our primary focus and we believe that this is a necessary step in promoting this focus for both new and existing drivers.

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