2008 Event Operational Communications

Beginning in 2008, the Stewards may communicate directly to drivers and crews with broadcasts intended to inform or advise of items of concern throughout the event.

BMW CCA Club Racing officials will broadcast announcements on FRS channel 7, sub channel 1 when feasible. Use of this facility should be confirmed at or prior to the drivers meeting at each event with the stewards. The addition of this communication mechanism is optional; it does not replace any existing methodology. It is intended to improve safety and operations.

These announcements can range from a general announcement of an unplanned drivers meeting to an advisory of a full course yellow or red flag condition on the track. 

The primary use of the broadcasts will be during on track sessions. Drivers can monitor for these transmissions using a FRS radio, having their existing radios scan the FRS channel, or having crew monitor and advise.

This is not for two way conversations; it is an official’s broadcast facility

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