2008 Sponsor Program

The Title, Premier and Associate sponsors of Club Racing provide us with the means to administer the program. When the sponsorship program was conceived, it was also realized that a balance was needed such that while Club Racing obtained the funding necessary, the racers also needed a tangible benefit for these sponsorships.   The result is that every Club Racing sponsorship provides something for the racers directly; these are the contingency prizes awarded at every race weekend.

Club Racing also recognized that it must balance its claim for advertising space on cars in the program with that required by the owners/drivers for their personal sponsors. 

Club Racing also determined that only a limited number of sponsorships were required to meet operational funding requirements.

The sponsorship program is limited to title sponsors (Series and Race School) and five premier sponsors with decal requirements for all participants. Additionally, class specific sponsors may have decal requirements specific to that class. Of course Club Racing also requires its logo decal and the number board decal. The number board decals’ continued use was reaffirmed by a majority vote at the 2007 strategic planning meeting; it was considered to create a polished/professional image that benefited the program.

One problem with the sponsor decals has been that when the sponsor program was created the maximum size of the decals was established arbitrarily and the allowed size was never revisited. Premier sponsors were allowed decals up to 84 square inches. Beginning in 2008 the sponsors have agreed to a maximum of 50 square inches for each decal. This still provides them with the exposure they need while leaving real estate for personal sponsors. There will be a short transition period through March 2008 on the number of decals and sizes and should be in place in April 2008.

Beginning in 2008 series title and premier sponsors will be entitled to send an email, once per quarter to the racers and to direct mail once per year. To maintain drivers privacy, emails will be sent be Club Racing and mailing labels will be provided to the sponsors.

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