2008 Live Timing

BMW CCA Club Racing will be distributing T&S output from our AMB timing and scoring system via 900MHz radio signal at many events beginning in 2008.

To receive and display T&S data, you will need a computer, the RMonitor program and either one of two models of modem, serial interface (X09-019PKI-RA) or USB interface (X09-019-PKC-UA). [Note- These are 900Mhz units preconfigured with an internal data transfer rate of 19200 bps. The serial unit requires an external power source (9v battery or wall plug).]

The Digi/MaxStream modem may be ordered from Digi/MaxStream directly at 866-765-9885. The price is $250.00 – $265.00 depending upon model (subject to change). If you are also a National Auto Sport Association (NASA) member, mention your NASA membership and you will receive a discount price of $190 plus shipping.

You can order on line if not a NASA member:

XStream-PKG 900 MHz, 19200 baud, industrial, RS-232
XStream-PKG 900 MHz, 19200 baud, commercial, USB
Product #:

RMonitor Download and Configuration

The RMonitor program will allow you to view real-time data from our timing and scoring computer.

You can download RMonitor here

After downloading, unzipping and installing RMonitor you will need to configure it.  You will need to install the USB drivers from the CD that comes with the modem if you purchase that model.

Select RMonitor from Start/Programs
Select Settings
Select Communications
Select RS232 radio button
Select communications port  (Must be between 1 and 4)
Select Baud rate 19200 (Remember to set your computers communication port baud rate to 19200 also)
Select OK

Begin monitoring by selecting File and New Result window to configure the display that you wish to monitor. Using the Follow function (under Settings) you can select specific cars to highlight during the event. Fonts and font sizes may be changed by selecting Layout. Display columns may be rearranged by selecting the column title and dragging it to the new location you desire. You can save your unique viewing configuration for repeated use. There are many features of this program some experimentation will familiarize you with it. Note that an Acrobat viewer is required to use the help function.

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