2008 Licensing and Physical Requirements

Several changes have been made for 2008 in the licensing area. These changes are primarily intended to ensure that racers entering or already part of, the program have the skills, knowledge and physical condition necessary to minimize the risk, as much as possible, to themselves and to others.

New licenses.

Drivers lacking previous competitive experience must be able to document 10 days of accepted track experience in the last two years, up from the previous 8 day requirement. These individuals must also successfully complete a Club Racing school or an accepted equivalent prior to licensing.


Renewing licensees must have completed two races within the last year. These may be with other sanctioning bodies. Instruction at driving schools no longer satisfies this requirement.


Expired BMW CCA Club Racing licenses may be reinstated up to three months after expiration providing all other requirements have been met. Thereafter, the applicant shall follow the same process as all others who apply for a license with a current or expired license with prior competitive experience.


A new form for physicals is available. There is a new requirement for a physical every three years for individuals between the ages of 40 and 49. The language in the last section of the form has been changed to allow the signing physician to make a recommendation about the suitability of the applicant without exposing themselves to liability.

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