CR is proud to announce the 2013 National Champions, Enduro Champions, Rookie of the Year and Glenn Lucas Memorial Award winner


Congratulations to all of our National Class Champions listed below;

     B Modified                                  Ralph Warren
     C Modified                                  Robert Chang
     D Modified                                  Louis Payant
     E Modified                                  Ross Karlin
     F Modified                                  Scott Barton
     G Prepared                                 Ralph Warren
     H Sport                                      Mike Akard
     I Prepared                                  Julie Wolf
     I Sport                                       Ali Salih
     J Prepared                                  Jerry Kaufman
     J Sport                                      Bob Martin
     K Prepared                                 Eric Nissen
     M3T                                           John G Paton
     SE30                                         Jeff Caldwell
     Spec E36                                   Nathaniel Orens

The VAC Rookie of the Year Award for 2013 goes to;

     Jerry Kaufman

The Glenn Lucas Memorial Award presented by VAC for 2013 is awarded to;

     Geoff Atkinson

The 2013 BMW CCA Endurance Series presented by Turner Motorsport Overall Champions are;

     1st place-    Johnstone Supply ( Harold Petit, Than Orens, et al.)
     2nd place-   Redline Motorsports ( Ron Checca, Brian Wade, Larry Wright)
     3rd place-    Otto’s BMW ( James Murphy, David Wollman, Gerry Walsh)

Class Champions are;  

     E0               Johnstone Supply
     E1               Otto’s BMW
     E2               Team Troxell
     E3               Redline Motorsports

Congratulations to all of our National Class Winners, Endurance Winners and Driver Award Winners for 2013. Regional class winners will be announced by each region’s RAC Representative.

Gary Davis

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