BMW CCA Club Racing Endurance Series presesented by Turner Motorsport

BMW CCA Club Racing is proud to formally announce the BMW CCA Club Racing Endurance Series presesented by Turner Motorsport. This series will supplement the current Tire Rack Club Racing sprint race series that we are all familiar with. The series has its own set of rules to supplement the current CR rules and will conduct its own championship separate from the class championships currently awarded in CR. The endurance races will primarily be run in conjunction with select CR sanctioned weekend sprint races.

Turner Motorsport will be the Title Sponsor for this exciting new series. “BMW CCA Club Racing gave me my first opportunity to get on the track as well as the chance to begin my racing career. Because of BMW CCA, I was able to pursue my passion for racing and build what is now Turner Motorsport. Because I have been involved in every aspect of the sport, I have a unique understanding of all of the costs and requirements associated with different levels of motorsports, including club racing. For this and many other reasons, I am so excited to become the title sponsor and provide club racers with what they need most, monetary prizes supporting their success and continued progress in the sport. I really like the concept behind this new club racing endurance series and I look forward to the first race.” – Will Turner

Along with Turner Motorsport as the Title Sponsor, Driving Impressions will be the Premier Sponsor for the endurance series. Robert Zecca of Driving Impression has been involved with enduro racing series with other sanctioning bodies and DI will be involved with substantial product awards.

The first race of the series will be a 4 hour race at Mid-Ohio on May 24th, 2013 and the second scheduled race will be the DelVal NJMP event on August 23, 2013. Tentatively, the third race is planned for the National Race weekend at Watkins Glen in September.

The endurance race rules have been forwarded to be posted on the CR website and at the present time, will be found under “for the racer” section. Ultimately, there will be a link on the CR site that will take you to a page dedicated to the CR enduro series.

Thanks to Ron Checca, Kish Galappatti and Miguel Aponte-Rios for completing the process started by Patrick Spikes. Miguel will be the third member of the enduro committee. Also thanks to the CR Rules Committee for enduring a number of teleconferences to finish the process. Special thanks to Will Turner and Robert Zecca for their enthusiastic support for BMW CCA Club Racing’s newest series.

Gary Davis
National Chairman, BMW CCA Club Racing

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