Club Racing Surveys Say…

’22 is winding down and your volunteer team at BMW CCA Club Racing is already working on new stuff for ’23.  Thank you for your support and your survey responses – we learn a lot about what you are looking for at race events from your input and the thinking below has been shaped by you.

Things we’re working on now:

  1. Split Tech Compliance from Rulemaking

This one is a done deal and I’m exceedingly pleased to announce Tom Tice as our new National Rules Director.  Bruce Smith gets a huge shout out as well for having handled both tech compliance and rule making for a dozen years – with the advent of our PWR classes, Bruce and his team will now be able to focus exclusively on tech compliance at our ’23 events.  Please look for more details on this topic in the coming weeks.

  1. Continue to refine text messaging capabilities at CR events

Race Hero wins on simplicity of use for organizers, but that benefit is not going to carry the day unless we can overcome functionality issues many of you have been experiencing.  We have connected with the MotorsportsReg team on the issues and hope to find a near term solution.  (Should that not work out, plan B is also in development and we’ll update you on our direction of travel when things become clear.)

  1. Establish “Advocate” positions for each class

We have two new volunteers already in place – Marc Thomaes for the PWR classes, and Ryan White for H Sport/H Prepared.   These guys have agreed to be advocates (really, they’re apostles 😉) for a still developing mission to 1) Advocate for new drivers to join the class; 2) Represent members when it comes to requesting rules modifications for the class, and 3) Help promote the class and CR.  If you are interested in becoming a Class Advocate/Apostle (“Class AA” for now), please let someone on the leadership team know.

  1. Convene periodic webinars to provide a means of continuing driver development

We’re underway here as well with a webinar set for Nov 15th – see details in this link and please consider signing up (a survey will follow the webinar to collect your impressions).

  1. Standardize sponsor decal display requirements

Have we mentioned that sponsors pay 2/3rds of our expenses to put on our events?  Are you surprised then that our mission is to keep them happy?  To that end, please look for details in the coming weeks that lay out our plans to standardize size and placement for sponsor decals – this will help us support what our sponsors want, and with equal importance, allow our tech team to quickly confirm compliance with sponsorship requirements.

That’s it for now, and thank you again for supporting BMW CCA Club Racing.


Chairman, BMW CCA Club Racing

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