BMW CCA Club Racing Seeks New Chairperson

The BMW Car Club of America is seeking the next Chairperson of its premier amateur racing program—BMW CCA Club Racing—now in its 25th season. The person filling this position should be passionate about motorsports and committed to the success of both the BMW Car Club of America and the BMW CCA Club Racing program, and especially devoted to providing a fun, safe, and competitive racing environment for BMW CCA members.

The Club Racing Chairperson is a volunteer appointed by and answering to the BMW CCA National Board. There is no compensation for service but reasonable expenses in accordance with BMW CCA and Club Racing policy may be reimbursed.

As a National Service Officer, the BMW CCA Club Racing Chair is expected to attend BMW CCA National Board meetings four times per year, submit pre-meeting reports prior to those meetings, and also participate in conference calls from time to time.

BMW CCA Club Racing has a substantial budget so the Chairperson should have a background that involves preparing a budget and managing the program within a budget.

While not mandatory, it is desirable that the Chairperson be a licensed BMW CCA club racer who is already familiar with the program, rules, policies, and types of events.

BMW CCA Club Racing has an extensive volunteer staff covering areas such as licensing, medical, competition, technical, safety, timing and scoring, rulemaking, scheduling, marketing, Club Racing schools, and sponsorship, so the Club Racing Chairperson should be experienced in managing staff and operations.

An individual with corporate and/or non-profit experience in growing a program’s revenue, event structure, customer participation, and customer satisfaction would be desirable.

A candidate should have experience working with a Board of Directors and since the Club Racing Chairperson also is expected to develop and maintain positive relationships with program sponsors, should have excellent interpersonal, communication, and presentation skills.

The BMW CCA Operations Manual lists specific duties and responsibilities of the Club Racing Chair as follows:

•    Develop and maintain the Club Racing organization.

•    Appoint competent individuals to top-level positions. Appointees must be BMW CCA members in good standing and are subject to approval by the Board of Directors. Examples include:

   –    National Competition Steward
   –    National Technical Steward
   –    Financial Officer
   –    Marketing/Advertising Director
   –    Operations Officer
   –    Chief of Timing and Scoring
   –    Medical Advisor
   –    Legal Advisor
   –    Webmaster

•    Manage the Club Racing program in accordance with the responsibilities defined in the Club Racing sections of the Operations Manual, including Club Racing Operational Policies and Procedures, Club Racing Rules, Event Guidelines, and Licensing Policy.

•    Develop and maintain the Club Racing Operations Manual, which includes position descriptions for each Club Racing position including roles, responsibilities and authority.

•    Hold elections for the Racers Advisory Committee (RAC) members and interact with the RAC according to the RAC policy.

•    Develop and provide minimum requirements and event guidelines for the organization and execution of a Club Race.

•    Enforce Club Racing Rules for race participants and their race cars, including, but not limited to technical inspections, safety requirements, car modifications, and medical requirements.

•    Report to the National Office any and all incidents at Club Races, even if the Host Chapter provides information. Reportable incidents are those in which a vehicle sustains physical damage or in which an occupant or other event participant sustains physical injury.

•    Provide to the National Board before each regularly scheduled National Board meeting, a status report on the Club Racing organization and its operations.

•    Keep the National Board informed of situations for which the Board may be asked to intervene.

For consideration to be appointed as the BMW CCA Club Racing Chairperson, interested individuals may forward their resumes to:

BMW Car Club of America
ATTN: Club Racing
2350 Highway 101 South
Greer, SC 29651

or e-mail to:


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