BMW CCA Club Racing Announcement

For the first time in almost a decade, BMW CCA Club Racing is undergoing  a leadership change. The outgoing Club Racing Chair, Gary Davis, took  the program’s reins in January 2010. His perseverance, hard work, and  most importantly, his dedication to the program, the racers, the Club  Racing staff, and the race organizers ensured the continued success of  BMW CCA Club Racing and deserves the heartfelt thanks and appreciation  of the BMW CCA. It is no small request when the club calls upon any of  our members to volunteer their time and service.               

The Chairs of Club Racing and the Driving Events Committee  lead our two most crucial groups of volunteers. Not only are they  tasked with keeping our members safe, but they must also be master  planners and diplomats extraordinaire. They constantly work with their  constituents to develop new policy, solve problems, and provide a  quality product—usually while working full-time jobs and maintaining a  family life. In Gary’s case it is remarkable that he served most of his  tenure as Club Racing Chair while at the same time leading Detroit’s  most important trauma center. We are grateful for the time, leadership,  and energy that he expended on behalf of the Club, BMW CCA Club Racing,  and each of us who worked with him closely. If you have not done so, I  encourage you to reach out to him and share your thanks. 

We are in the process of finding a new Chair of Club Racing and until  that happens, I am pleased to announce that Scott Blazey—a BMW CCA Club  Racer and past BMW CCA President—has agreed to serve as Interim Chair.  Scott is someone we all know and you can feel secure that he will fully  represent your interests to the BMW CCA National Board. He will be  attending the BMW CCA quarterly National Board meetings—the next one is  June 8th—to ensure that the voices of the BMW CCA racing community are  heard by the BMW CCA leadership.

The search for the next Club Racing Chair is underway. Among his other  duties, Scott will be assisting us in finding the best person possible.  Look for an announcement soon on the Club Racing web site and feel free  to contact Scott with any questions or recommendations.

This year the BMW CCA celebrates its 50th anniversary. BMW CCA Club  Racing has been a quality program dedicated to safe, fun, motorsports  competition for 25 of those years. Our goal is that Club Racing will  continue to be a vital part of the BMW CCA experience for all the years  to come.

Frank Patek
              Executive Director


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