BMW CCA Club Racing Expands Classes

Greenville, SC (December
11, 2008)
— BMW CCA Club Racing is delighted to announce that beginning in
2009 it will accept BMW race cars prepared to other sanctioning bodies’ class
rules.  These cars will run within their
foreign classes at BMW CCA Club Racing-sanctioned events.

BMW CCA Club Racing has a well-defined set of rules with five
preparation levels and classes that were designed to be inclusive, providing a
place for members to race their cars. 
Currently there are some provisions for BMWs that may not meet the
specific preparation requirements to participate within the existing class
structure.  The change maintains the BMW
CCA Club Racing classes while welcoming BMW’s prepared to other road racing
classes as well.

The non-BMW CCA Club Racing classes will be integrated into
the program following the BMW CCA Club Racing rules with one exception; they
will not be eligible for National Championship points.  However, they will participate for Regional
Championships in their respective classes; this is, of course, independent of
the sanctioning body for whose class the car is prepared.

While BMW CCA Club Racings preparation levels and classes
have a place for all race prepared BMWs, this change recognizes several
factors:  1) The BMW CCA Club Racing
program is limited.  With only 40 events
per year there may not be enough activity in the area near the members to warrant
their preparing a car to the BMW CCA Club Racing rules and another sanctioning
body may provide more events locally. 
With this change they can participate in both their local series and the
BMW CCA Club Racing series equally.  2)
When prepared to other sanctioning bodies rules the drivers may be
disadvantaged when classed with cars fully prepared to the BMW CCA Club Racing
rules. With this change drivers can participate in two series with the same
preparation rules.  3) The potential for
larger fields at any given event provides excitement for the participants and
incentive for the promoters.

About BMW CCA Club Racing

Founded in 1995, BMW CCA Club Racing offers all BMW CCA
licensed club racers a competitive driving experience conducted in a fun, safe,
and friendly environment for all types of factory authorized or constructed
BMWs.  For more information, please visit
our web site at


The BMW Car Club of America has over 76,000 members and 65
chapters within the United States.  BMW
CCA’s mission is to enhance the BMW experience for its members by providing
services, support, information, and activities that promote camaraderie and
encourage social awareness and responsibility. 
The BMW CCA National Office may be reached at (864) 250-0022.

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