’22 BMW CCA Club Racing Rules

Our rulebook has been updated – changes highlighted in yellow within the document and a sumary of changes is shown below.

Rules are here.

As always, you can request a clarification or a rules change at any time; the rules committee meets quarterly and updates follow the same schedule.

Happy New Year!


BMW CCA Quarter 1, 2022 Rules Changes summary

Section Paragraph Summary
General Rules 4.6 4.     Series and Sponsor Identification Specified Official TireRack baner requirements
Racing Rules 16.2 Window Nets  Corrected SFI 27.1 requirement typo and added coverage language
Racing Rules 16.27.b Lights Added requirement for one low beam forward facing light or equivalent during rain races and for annual tech
Points System Appendix F D.2.a.i Add clarifying language for penalties earned during practice and qualifying
Power to Weight Class Car Classification Added Power to weight Language

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