Notice of Non-Compliant KYOSTAR Driver Restraints sold through

Please note that SFI has found KYOSTAR BRAND harnesses displaying SFI 16.1 conformance labels but not conforming to SFI Specification 16.1.

KYOSTAR is not enrolled in any SFI program. SFI Specification 16.1 requires the certifying manufacturer’s name to appear on the harness, even when sold as a different brand under a private label agreement. The only brand visible on this harness is KYOSTAR.

It should be noted that for any spec program, certification that products meet the minimum standards is made by the submitting manufacturer. Products are NOT certified, endorsed, or approved by SFI.

KYOSTAR has not submitted a harness for testing by SFI, but SFI has purchased a KYOSTAR harness through Ebay, tested it, and found that it falls short of the performance requirements of SFI Specification 16.1. During the test, the camlock buckle failed under load, releasing the seat belts.

Necessary measures should be taken to ensure these dangerously substandard harnesses are not used in any vehicle. Please contact SFI with any concerns or inquiries about questionable product. The following illustrations should assist in visually identifying the affected parts:

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