New National Competition Steward Announced: Vince Leo

In November of this year, Mike Mills, our National Competition Steward, informed me that he intended to retire from his position at the end of the season. Mike is ready to move on to new challenges. He is currently a candidate for the Pacific Regional VP of the CCA, and will continue as the President of the Golden Gate Chapter of the CCA (the chapter of the CCA that sponsors a vast number of our events each year).

Mike has done a fantastic job as National Comp Steward. Without his help I would have faced a terrible burden; with his help our organization’s transition has been much smoother. His willingness to step in as Interim Chairman during Club Racing’s turmoil says much for his dedication to our program. Mike has also been a most valuable member of the Rules Committee; examining every issue with clarity and logic, and debating fairly and professionally when we disagreed. I hope you will join me in thanking Mike for his contributions.

As of today, January 4, 2007, Vince Leo of the Genessee Valley Chapter will become our new National Competition Steward.

Vince is a licensed racer with BMW Club Racing and currently competes in an E36 M3 LTW. Vince is married and has an 11 year old daughter and an nine year old son. His is a certified public accountant and is a partner in one of the largest accounting firms in Western and Upstate New York. He is also one of the newest columnists in the Roundel, penning his “Bimmer Lite” column which focuses on the Mini.

I hope you will welcome Vince to our team. He will be leading our very strong team of dedicated Regional Comp Stewards; without their volunteer efforts we would have no events.

-Dave McIntyre 

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