2008 Sponsor Decals

The sponsorship program generates 80% of the revenue needed to operate the program. Sponsorships are at different levels and each level has its benefits.

Title Sponsor – Windshield banner
Premier Sponsors – limited to 5 (50sqin decal each)
Associate Sponsors – limited to 10 sponsors (no decal)
Number Board Sponsor – 1 sponsor
Official Supplier – 1 sponsor per category  (no decal)

Race School Title Sponsor – 1 sponsor (25 sq in decal)

A maximum of nine mandatory decals are possible:

Title Sponsor – windshield banner
5 Premier Sponsors – 2 x 50 sq in
Number board – x 2
BMW CCA Club Racing –x 2
Race School Title sponsor – 2 x 25 sq in

Exception is the SpecE36 Class which adds:
Class sponsor – 4 15” decals

Suspension – 2 12” decals

The specific requirements are detailed at http://www.bmwccaclubracing.com/Information/DecalRequirements.aspx.

Cars currently emblazoned with sponsor decals larger than 50 sq in should not remove them immediately. The sponsors will be providing new decals shortly and the old ones should be used until the new ones become available. The larger decals are acceptable and encouraged; you are not required to change to the new decals.

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