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Join us at the BimmerWorld BMW CCA Club Race School where we draw on years of experience to offer an accelerated learning experience.

Race With Us!

Apply for a BMW CCA Club Racing license or renew your current license or medical.

Are you licensed with a different organization? You can easily apply for a Probationary License.

Build Your Car

Club Racing gives you multiple classing choices – if you have a BMW, you can race with us. Click the button below to learn more.

Time Trials

Take the Time Trials Challenge! Interested in taking your driving experience to the next level? Our Time Trials program is perfect for you!

Come One, Come All!

The welcoming and inclusive culture of the BMW Club Racing community is what sets us apart from other racing organizations. If you’re looking for lots of track time, BMW Club Racing is the place for you. On a typical 3-day weekend, our racers spend five hours on the track. Our sponsors provide generous contingencies to equip you for the season.

Why Race With Us?


Experience a level, class-based playing field for all types of BMWs. We value fairness while pushing our skills to the limit!


Come join us in a fun, safe, and friendly environment. Enjoy the camaraderie on, and off the track!


Looking for a little competition? We’ve got it! Plus, you’ll have a great time and make new friends while making your way to the top!


We place an emphasis on clean driving and machinery preservation. Learn the skills to stay safe, and keep your car running at peak efficiency!

Club Racing is but one of the many benefits available to members of the BMW Car Club of America!


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