Information about the Power to Weight (PWR) class

The BMW CCA Club Racing PWR (Power to Weight Ratio) class is designed to be open to many different BMW race cars with minimal restrictions and ease of complying with the class rules. Cars will be classed primarily based on Horsepower to Weight Ratio. The PWR Class will earn BMW CCA Club Racing points and be eligible for annual awards.

The PWR class is intended for the racer who has a car that was originally prepared for a class other than the native BMW Club Racing Classes (Sport, Prepared, Modified or SPEC). The PWR class will also be attractive, but not limited, to racers who:

  • have a car that is not competitive in its native class
  • are in a class with very few competitors and have a desire for more in-class competition
  • have a Vintage or Historic race car
  • have a BMW factory built race car

Note: In the early phases of this new class, the rules may evolve or change rapidly, especially in response to a competitor who is exploiting the rules in a manner that is counter to the spirit of the class.

If you would like to race in the PWR classes, please download and complete the PWR disclosure form and return it to the email address listed on the form. Club Racing will confirm your class selection and return the form to you, which is to always be kept with the logbook for the car.

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