SAFETY UPDATE                                                              Issue date: 1/1/97

Issued by: Jeff Penley, National Chief Scrutineer phone 910-855-0353h

WARNING! Investigation into several racing incidents in the 1996 Club Racing series indicates a serious safety issue for all racers: metal fatigue.

The areas of concern in this bulletin are primarily the stub axle and front hub of older BMWs (pre-1983).

It is strongly recommended that the rear axle stub shafts and the front wheel spindles undergo “magnaflux” testing on an annual basis. This will involve removing the parts from the car and taking the thoroughly cleaned parts to a qualified laboratory or metal shop for testing. Costs for the testing should be approximately $100 for all parts. Magnaflux testing a non-invasive procedure, utilizing magnetic dust and infrared light to identify stress fractures and fatigue in metal components.

At this time it is STRONGLY recommended that every car built prior to 1983 be checked by a qualified metal testing facility. However, should failure of these parts in BMW CCA Club Racing become a recurring problem, proof of certified inspection will be required for competition. This is for entrants safety as well as the safety of other competitors. It is not our intent to cause you to incur additional expenses needlessly.

Other potential trouble areas that need to be monitored on a regular basis by a careful visual inspection include:

  • – the joints and mounting areas on front and rear subframes (looking through the sides of the flat plate in the center of the front subframe).
    – differential mounting points
    – motor mount brackets
    – and any load bearing stamped metal parts

Thank you for your cooperation.

Drive SAFELY!!!!!

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