Event Sanctioning Requirements

BMW CCA Club Racing uses certain criteria for approval of the sanctioning of events. The purpose of this document is to establish those criteria along with technical considerations to be used in the approval process.

First, and foremost, each event sanctioned must provide value to BMW CCA Club Racing, the hosting organization and the participating racers. The foundation of that value is the safety of the racers and other participants as the absolute primary consideration. No event shall ever be knowingly sanctioned where safety is questionable.Other considerations for the application for sanctioning are:

1) The hosting organization.
Priority is given to BMW CCA hosted events over co-hosted or co-sanctioned events. The limited resources of BMW CCA Club Racing are to be offered within the club first. A total of 40 races are currently permitted in one calendar year.

2) Historical continuity.

Priority is given to events that have a “legacy” of being offered by a chapter or chapters at a particular location at a particular time of year. Exceptions to this may be made if a special event opportunity is available. In that case every effort will be made to accommodate the reasonable wishes of the “displaced” event’s hosting body in establishing an alternate date. The National Chairman of Club Racing is the final determining authority on whether an event is worthy of displacing a “legacy” event.

3) Geographic conflict.
Generally speaking, two events should not be conducted within 500 miles of each other on the same, or overlapping, days. The National Chairman of Club Racing may exercise his/her best judgement in authorizing concurrent events that would otherwise be prohibited if he/she reasonably determines that sufficient attendance is available to make both events financially viable. The race chairs for both events must be informed and both should agree on sharing the date. The final responsibility for financial performance of every event lies with the host chapter.

Additionally, the National Chairman shall consider the geographic distribution of the allocated events so that each region has an appropriate share. Included in that assessment also are efforts to grow the program in designated areas.

4) Date conflict.
This should be considered in conjunction with Item 3. Events should not be scheduled within two weeks of each other when the locations are also within 500 miles. Four weeks or more is a preferable interval.

5) Steward support.
Each of the three steward groups, timing and scoring , competition and technical must have the resources available to support an event. Specific financial requirements are detailed in the Event Guidelines document.

6) Insurance
Events using insurance not provided by the BMW CCA meet the minimum standards and coverage limits of BMW CCA and BMW CCA Club Racing. Additionally, the policy must name “BMW CCA, and its affiliated foundation, chapters, regions and clubs and their respective officers, directors, members, event officials, drivers, crew and all other BMW CCA-credentialed event participants; all event and vehicle sponsors; all vehicle owners” as additional insured parties.

Further, the policy must also meet any other requirements that BMW CCA and/or BMW CCA Club Racing shall impose.

All BMW CCA Club Racing sponsors shall have the opportunity to prominently display advertising banners at the event, in accordance with their sponsorship contracts with BMW CCA Club Racing.

BMW CCA Club Racing shall have the opportunity to prominently display its banner at the event.

Non-sanctioned events are not allowed to use the BMW CCA Club Racing name or logo, nor are they allowed to state or imply any affiliation with BMW CCA Club Racing. They will not be eligible for any BMW CCA Club Racing insurance program and national will bear no expense and provide no personnel to any such event. Entrants in non-sanctioned events will also not be eligible for any nationally sponsored contingency awards, nor shall the results be used to determine any points, awards or any other considerations attached to BMW CCA Club Racing.

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