Logbook Process


All requests for new logbooks or decal packages need to be sent to the BMW CCA National Office.  Send the request and a check for $50 to:

Nicole Harris, Club Racing License Administrator
2350 HWY 101 S
Greer, SC 29651

To be eligible to compete in BMW CCA Club Racing, a racecar must have a logbook issued. Club Racing technical staff will issue the logbook using the last 6 digits of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Racecars otherwise complying with General Rule 6 but which do not have a VIN shall be issued a number consisting of six digits preceded by a “T”. Logbooks issued prior to the effective date of this policy may continue to display the original logbook number until such time as they require replacement. At that time the logbook numbering procedure listed above will be applied to the replacement logbook.

All BMW CCA Club Racing license applicants will note if they need a logbook for a racecar that has not already been issued a logbook. If they indicate a need for a logbook, one will be sent with the initial Club Racing license package.

The logbook information must be completely filled out prior to initial presentation of the racecar to the Club Racing technical staff. The required photographs may be waived for the racecar’s first event but must be in place in the logbook prior to the second event. The Club Racing technical staff will perform an initial inspection to confirm eligibility under General Rule 6, compliance with mandatory safety requirements as specified in the Club Racing Rulebook, compliance with the proper display of car number, class designation and mandatory sponsor decals. The presenter of the racecar will declare the racecar’s competition class in compliance with the Club Racing Rulebook.

Once a racecar has successfully completed the initial inspection, the Club Racing technical steward will stamp the logbook with the official Club Racing stamp. The logbook remains with the car and transfers with the car in the event of an ownership change. Logbooks issued prior to the effective date of this policy shall be marked by a Club Racing technical steward with the official Club Racing stamp at the first event subsequently entered. In this case the racecar will not require a new initial inspection.

One logbook is included in the initial licensing fee paid to Club Racing. Should additional logbook(s) be required for multiple racecars, each racecar must undergo the same procedure for initial issuance. The owner will be required to pay a fee to BMW CCA Club Racing of $50 for each additional logbook to cover the cost of the logbook itself, the mandatory decal package and associated handling and administration.

Replacement logbooks for those lost are charged at $50 to cover the cost of the logbook and associated handling and administration. For logbooks which have no empty pages, a replacement logbook may be obtained from an official Club Racing tech steward at a BMW CCA Club Racing event or the full logbook may be mailed to the Licensing Coordinator who will return it along with the replacement logbook. There is no charge for replacement of a full logbook.

Owners and drivers of any racecar found to be competing or attempting to compete with a falsified or counterfeit logbook are subject to penalties up to and including suspension in accordance with General Rule 2C.

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